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Temperature (4m above sea): 19.1°C
Humidity: 70%
Sea temperature: 17.2°C
Air pressure: 1011.3 hPa
Current wind: 5 km/h 152° SSE
Current Rain: 0 mm/h

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Tar & Vabriga - Two places, one village

    Today, Tar and Vabriga expanding one towards the other have become one, devided just by the Pula - Trieste road. From a historical point of view it would be more exact to say three settlements: Tar, Frata and Vabriga; Frata being the suburb of Tar. In the past these villages formethree parishes, three church towers, three chur- ches: St. Martin, St. Mihovil, St. Anton. The ancestors of the Tar and Vabriga inhabitants have chosen the place for their settlement with great success. It is a fertile plateau (112 m above sea level), gently sloping towards the sun and sea in the South-West, whilst it abruptly arises towards the Mirna estuary in the North. It is a wonderful lookout: to the North - Novigrad, to the South - Poreč.

    During clear weather the Alps may be seen, whilst the Tar church tower offers a view of St. Marco church tower in Venice, located on the opposite side of the Adriatic.
    As far as time goes back this is an area where life has been going on in harmony with olive groves and vineyards. Wheat and vegetables, almonds and figs also played an important role. The inhabitants of Tar and Vabriga may often be seen either driving a tractor or sailing a boat as two are their ploug-fields - land and sea. Today they are also engaged in catering and tourism facilities.